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Terms And Conditions

We provide the service of matching transporters and students. All arrangements thereoff shall be between the transporter and you. Arrangements include fees, preferred location pickup and other pressing matters.


For Students Wishing to Find a Nearby Transporter


There will be a free trial period of 3 days for first timers.


A deposit of RM 30 shall be remitted to HwangTS. This deposit will be forfeited if you cancel the service within a year. However, if you are not satisfied with a particular transporter, and we are able to set you up with other available transporter, there will be no penalty on the deposit.


Just as any commercial arrangement, it is the parent's responsibility to make sure you trust the transporter and his services. HwangTS shall not be liable towards any actions of the transporter.


For Parents Wishing to Apply as a Transporter


All new students are allowed a free 3 days trial period. HwangTS reserves the right to reallocate students to other transporters if deemed necessary.


A deposit of RM 100 per student shall be remitted to HwangTS.


All contacts provided are the property of HwangTS. Under no circumstances should a transporter solicit customers from HwangTS. Doing so will result in forfeiture of deposit.


A charge of RM 10 will apply every month for each student provided. These charges are due payable every 6 months for convenience purposes, by latest in the second week of January and July. Late payments will result in total forfeiture of deposit. (For illustration: a student enrolled for transportation service on 20th Jan 2012. By July 2012, RM 60 is accrued and must be settled before the second week of July)


In the event of non payments by students for reasons such as school holiday or long breaks, the monthly charge of RM 10 will still apply. However, if the student wishes to terminate the transportation services, transporter is required to inform HwangTS and the deposit less any accrued charges shall be refundable, on the month January and July.