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Welcome to Hwang Transporter Services

Tired of sending and fetching your kids to and from school every day? Worried about your child walking to school? Or having to pay exorbitant prices to transporters for just a very short distance?


We at HwangTS offer a solution whereby we match other parents who are living near you and having to deal with the same ordeal day after day, and who is willing to provide transportation services for your kids at a reasonable price. The nearer they are to your location, the cheaper it will be for them to do so.


This site is designed for all primary and secondary school students seeking a reasonably priced transporter back & forth to school; or parents who wish to make a small decent income by committing to fetch your son/daughter's schoolmates who live nearby.


And so, you get to select your transporter and all arrangements are made between the both of you. Read more on our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Special Thanks to Alvin for his continued efforts on the site.


Take care and Good Luck!




HwangTS Founder